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Collection: Yana Manta

Kinoo Arcentales (Yana Manta) is an artist of South American indigenous (Kichwa) and Mestizo heritage. Born in Canada in 1992, into a family of artists, Kinoo was exposed to different kinds of arts from an early age. His main role models are his grandmothers on both sides of his family: one being a business owner, the other a retired fashion designer. 

Kinoo was awarded with The Rowenta Best in Show Award at the Redefining Design 2016, which was acknowledged by numerous Toronto magazines. 

Kinoo’s 2016 collection AN.D.N was inspired by the prophesy of Condor meets the Eagle.

Surrounded by art and culture, he has found his main inspiration and purpose from his native heritage. Knowing the history of his people and the stereotypical dominant views of the indigenous groups, Kinoo is not only willing, but is zealous to change these perceptions through his vision YANA MANTA.

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