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TAGUA JEWELLERY: Release on Saturday, September 4 at 1pm EST

Tagua is one of the most incredible sustainable materials out there. It only grows in one area in the world; in tropical climates spanning from Panama to Peru. Its ivory-like colour and consistency has earned its alternate name: vegetable ivory. Each seed grows in very large "sacks" that fall from the tree once it's mature. Before the use of modern plastics, tagua products were used and exported to the US and Europe in there form of buttons, dominos, chess, and dice. 

Now, we bring you tagua as accessories that you can layer and style with  your every day wear. Each piece is individually cut, polished and dyed. They are made in small production batches; each plant growing organically. Fun fact: tagua has never been commercially produced, and therefore remains in the hands of artisans to dream up in any style!


The Uma Mask (uma meaning face in kichwa) was developed by indigenous clothing designer Yana Manta, to promote community safety and social distancing practices. These reusable masks are hand crafted within the Pacha Arts family home, as a means of sustaining ourselves during these difficult times.

It is not the first time indigenous communities are faced with these kinds of hardships.
This mask brings to mind more than 500 years of resistance and fight for our families and livelihoods. 


Copper  is an amazing
material that soothes
the body and mind.
It's brings balance for
those with high anxiety,
and people dealing with
arthritis pain or
poor blood circulation.
Copper also has 
antibacterial properties
and can protect
against the effects of electromagnetic waves.
We're proud to 
carry copper items!