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About Us

Pacha Indigenous Art Collection is an Indigenous family owned and operated business.

We offer authentic contemporary indigenous artwork to be worn, styled, and acquired by all. By doing so, empowering indigenous artists, and reigniting a tradition of trade governed by indigenous peoples themselves.

 We are an avenue through which indigenous artistry can thrive and be accessed by everyone. We do so by having an online presence, with in-person markets, pop-ups, and our items being carried by retailers.

Origin Story

​ We are a family that has been traveling across Turtle Island since 1990. Patricia Cajas, owner and operator, comes from the Kichwa community of Peguche, located in the Andes region of Northern Ecuador. Husband Marcos Arcentales has been living in Tkaronto since he was 2 years old. From a young age, he knew of the importance of keeping his Andean roots alive through music, and connecting with his indigenous cousins in the North. Samay and Kinoo were both born in Toronto in the early nineties, and along with their parents, have followed the tradition of the Mindalae throughout their lives.

​ Kichwa Otavalos come from a longstanding tradition of commerce and trade, active and strong since long before colonization of the area (Otavalo). This mindalae tradition has informed the movement of Kichwa people who have traveled far and wide, bringing music, arts, and crafts made by their own family and communities to sell around the world.

The Pacha Arts family proudly continues this tradition, now incorporating the prophecy of the condor and eagle into their work. This story tells of a time when indigenous peoples from Turtle Island (North America) and Abya Yala (South America) would come together again in unity, exchanging, trading, and working in solidarity with each other across colonial borders.

PACHA Indigenous Art Collection,. “Pacha”, meaning earth in the Kichwa language, is not only a store, but a place where people are able to learn of the stories behind our precious items, which have been crafted by indigenous artists, families and collectives with you in mind. We see building community as the key to creating a real learning experience and exchange. 

We are thankful for the traditional and contemporary caretakers of this territory; for the relationships both old and new; for the community that has been built and continues to grow. We are thankful to the land and water that sustains us.

We invite you to join us on this journey.


Pacha Arts Family Members

Patricia Cajas
Marcos Arcentales
Samay Arcentales Cajas
Kinoo Arcentales Cajas

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