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Copper Chumbi studs
Copper Chumbi studs

Copper Chumbi studs

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Chumbi studs were created to honor our Kichwa mothers.

Chumbis (belts) are widely used in the Andes, from the lovely baby bundle, the hammock built with a long chumbi for the new born, to the different sizes of chumbis to wrap around the hair, an ergonomic support for daily use and for special occasions, belts carry the stories of the Andes and are worn with pride an elegance. 

These beautiful pair of studs symbolizes the love and strength of our mothers and ancestors.

This product was carefully made in Peguche, Otavalo, Ecuador by self taught Kichwa artist Pedro Maldonado. 






Length: 12.5 mm

Width: 12.5 mm