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Collection: Sweet Things and Native Dreams

Mandi Montour - Tkwasit Mamalis


Member of the Lenape/Delaware Nation on Six Nations of The Grand River.  Mandi is mixed heritage Lenape/Delaware, Mohawk, Anishinaabe, Irish and German.

Mandi took to Art quickly at a very young age, drawing and painting came very naturally.  As Mandi grew, her parents and family introduced to other craft such as Embroidery and Beadwork.  Leather and stitch work with clothing and Moccasin making by the age of nine. Mandi found a great passion with Dreamcatchers at the age of 11 when she was taught the traditional Ojibwe teachings from family with materials from the land.


Mandi was named Tkwasit Mamalis after the Deer which translates to Gentle Fawn. She is a member of a large family and community of hunters and gatherers that strive towards Food Sovereignty and the Perseverance and Protection of Treaty Rights to hunt, fish and trap for Six Nations and beyond.  Much of the organic material that is harvested from these hunts is the media for Mandis’ work.


A busy Mother of 2, Wife and Daughter, Artist, Crafter and Workshop facilitator for her own business;  Sweet Dreams and Native Things, she always takes time to teach anyone that wants to learn as traditions can only be carried on if they are passed to the next generations.

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