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Chakana Copper Studs
Chakana Copper Studs

Chakana Copper Studs

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The Chakana is an important symbol in Andean cosmology. It signifies the balance between dualities (night and day, planting and harvesting time, etc.), as well as our connection to the land (pachamama), skies (pachakamak) and the four directions. It was used to measure the stars, as well as built structures. Today, it continues to be used in ceremony, woven into textiles, and into accessories to remind us of its important message.


The elements of nature come together through Bone & Quill, created by mestizo-indigenous artist Marcos Arcentales. 

Bone & Quill is part of a story called "The Condor meets the Eagle". It foretells how Indigenous peoples from the North and South will one day fly side by side in unity. Bone & Quill is inspired by this symbolism through the use of porcupine quills, elk and deer antler bone from the North. Copper and silver from the South, inlaid within aromatic palo santo (wood). Palo santo is traditionally used by Indigenous peoples of the South for smudging. There is great detail and craftsmanship in each piece. Each creation evolves from my personal journey in re-connecting with my Indigenous lineage.



Turquoise, Copper 


Length/Width: 2.3 cm