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Smudge Spray
Smudge Spray

Smudge Spray

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Smudging spray perfect any setting, especially indoors, where it may be hard to smudge using smoke (hospitals and shared spaces for example). All medicines have been placed together with so much care by Heather! (Cree, Metis, Scottish, Irish).


Heather Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon is a Cree First Nations healer, big drum keeper and group facilitator with over 20 years experience.

Her healing and peacemaking songs come through the big drum helping to bridge relationships between all people, especially between Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

Her spirit led healing work has helped transform the lives of many and she’s thrilled and deeply honoured to share this sacred medicine with you!

Bottle Description: Spray Bottle, contains 100ml. 

Ingredients: Natural Oils - Tobacco, Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass