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Lizard Tapestry
Lizard Tapestry

Lizard Tapestry

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This design is composed of many lizards intertwined with each other. As a land and water creature, it has a key role in maintaining the balance within the ecosystem. It is a symbol of equilibrium, creativity, and exploration. 


Kichwa people from Peguche, Ecuador are the master weavers of the region. Up on the highlands of the Andes, the members of this community are completely dedicated to the manufacturing of textiles and the agricultural activities. The stunning colors of the tapestries are part of the legacy and knowledge of the natural dyes. Master weavers from this region use different plants of the region: Toctes (dark nut shell) for all the brown and black tones, Cochinilla (cactus fungus) for the blue and purple colors, Achiote (red seeds which are used for Andean cuisine as well) gives red and terracotta colors. Each tapestry is manually woven on a wooden loom. Given the quality and the skill of the master weavers, each of the textiles is a masterpiece, made to last for decades.

May be used as a tapestry, rug, bed cover, to decorate your sofa, etc.



100% sheep's wool.


Length: 57 inch

Width: 46 inch