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Eagle Feather Earrings
Eagle Feather Earrings

Eagle Feather Earrings

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Condor Meets the Eagle Jewellery

The Condor flies across the Andes in the lands of Abya Yala. Like a magical bird, it flies as high as 5000 feet above sea level, with a wingspan of 10.5 feet long.

The Eagle has the power to see 3.6 times more then any human capacity and can carry a prey of 15lb.

Both birds are majestic in flight and its believed they carry the prayers to the Creator. The prophecy of Condor meets the Eagle foretells of unity and solidarity of all indigenous nations on the North and South American continent. To honor this story, we’ve collaborated with Yana Manta to design Condor and Eagle feathers made with aromatic red cedar. These handmade pendants and earrings are inlaid with copper, and paired with precious stones like Sleeping Beauty turquoise.


The elements of nature come together through Bone & Quill, created by mestizo-indigenous artist Marcos Arcentales.

Bone & Quill is part of a story called "The Condor meets the Eagle". It foretells how Indigenous peoples from the North and South will one day fly side by side in unity. Bone & Quill is inspired by this symbolism through the use of porcupine quills, elk and deer antler bone from the North. Copper and silver from the South, inlaid within aromatic palo santo (wood). Palo santo is traditionally used by Indigenous peoples of the South for smudging. There is great detail and craftsmanship in each piece. Each creation evolves from my personal journey in re-connecting with my Indigenous lineage.



Cedar, Copper, Brass


Length: 11cm

Width: 2.5cm