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Classic Studs - Little Shiny Wolf
Classic Studs - Little Shiny Wolf
Classic Studs - Little Shiny Wolf
Classic Studs - Little Shiny Wolf

Classic Studs - Little Shiny Wolf

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Feel the power of handmade craftsmanship with these Classic Studs. Their timeless design is crafted from beautiful beaded detailing, sparking radiant energy with each wear. Embrace classic elegance with this stunning Toronto-made piece.


Materials:  Size 11 delica beads, stainless steel post

Dimensions (Excluding Hooks):

Length: 3 cm

Width: 2 cm


My english name is Mercedes. I am from the Nisga'a Nation on my mother's side,

and African American mixed on my father's. 

I started dabbling in beading in 2017 in Toronto. Being a First Nations person from the West Coast, I am used to seeing carved pieces regularly. I would occasionally see beaded work, but it was not as common. However, upon migrating to the East Coast of Canada, the exposure to beaded jewelry boomed for myself. I have always appreciated Indigenous beaded jewelry and Regalia. After first being introduced to beading, I had an even greater appreciation for all the passion, love, time, and labour that goes into creating various pieces. The more I became involved in the Indigenous community in Toronto, the more my passion and confidence grew in my capability as an artist. I continue this journey to present day, creating in Toronto ON currently, previously my community of Gingolx BC. I am so grateful that I can create, and that people want to support that creativity and wear what I've made.

Why Little Shiny Wolf?

That is my name translated into English from Nisga'a. It is a name that was chosen and given to me when I was young. And throughout one's life you add to that name through accomplishments and life experiences. One day I could be up for a name strengthening, or I could inherit a name someone else has carried and added so much to and my current name will be passed down to my child, a niece, or a nephew.

Until then, I am Little Shiny Wolf... T'ooyaksiy' niin