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Celebration Print

Celebration Print

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Juan Garcia, also known by his artist name Nativo, was born in San Antonio de Ibarra, a small town in the Andes of Ecuador. He studied at the School of Arts “Daniel Reyes”, one of the oldest schools of arts in South America. He is well known for making the pre-Colombian motifs prominent in his art. These motifs tell the story about the forces of nature, animals, as well as human relation to the universe. His inspiration comes from deep connection to his roots and Ecuadorian history.

Garcia’s art is also unique given that he creates the medium on which he creates his art. His embossed art pieces are hand crafted using recycled paper, natural straw fiber and agave sap. The process of creating embossed art is a unique one: first the artist needs to create wooden molds in which the recycled paper takes shape; then, natural straw and fiber, along with agave sap are added for texture. Finally, after each piece dries up, a layer of acrylic color is applied, which gives each piece of art a unique and monochromatic look.



Embossed Recycled Paper Machê


7x16 inch (each panel)