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Copal de Memela

Copal de Memela

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Copal de Memela is used to both clear personal and spatial energies, as well as to help ground people who have received mild trauma. It is harvested and refined by hand using traditional methods in Oaxaca Mexico, and comes wrapped in a leaf. It is traditional placed on hot coals to produce a cleansing smoke used for smudging


La Botica is a socially innovative company that supports artisans, their families, and their communities in Oaxaca by:

  • helping to preserve artisanal, culinary and traditional healing practices.
  • sharing the exceptional wisdom, history, talents and products from Oaxaca, and other parts of Mexico, with the rest of the world.

La Botica was founded by Dinora Garcia Guillen, and her husband Rufus Glassco. They met in Oaxaca in 1994. They live in Toronto, Canada with their 2 sons.





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