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Rose Gold Sara (Maiz) Earrings
Rose Gold Sara (Maiz) Earrings

Rose Gold Sara (Maiz) Earrings

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Earrings inspired by memories of the homelands, the important role that corn plays within our community, the strength of our mountains and how they surround us, our 4 raymis, and our textiles that have traveled with us.


Adina Farinango is a Kichwa Artist using art as an act of resistance, healing, and self expression. Her illustrations are a way to navigate and strengthen her own identity as an urban Indigenous part of the Kichwa diaspora. Her work is heavily influenced by the resilience and strength of matriarchs in her community, past, present, and future. Through this practice she seeks to Indigenize digital spaces as a way to reclaim her narrative as an Indigenous woman. She is currently based in Lenape Territory (The Bronx, New York).



Acrylic plate, silver plated findings


Circle: 1.5 in diameter

Width: 2.5 in at its widest.

Length: 2.6 in (hook incl)