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Uma Mask
Uma Mask
Uma Mask
Uma Mask
Uma Mask
Uma Mask
Uma Mask
Uma Mask
Uma Mask
Uma Mask

Uma Mask

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The Uma Mask (uma meaning face in kichwa) was developed by indigenous clothing designer Yana Manta, to promote community safety and social distancing practices during these difficult times. 

These reusable masks are hand crafted within the Pacha Arts family home, as a means of sustaining ourselves while our storefront remains closed. Even so, community remains at the forefront of who we are and we have therefore done our best to keep them at an affordable rate, while ensuring we have just enough for our own groceries. :)

It is not the first time indigenous communities are faced with these kinds of hardships. This mask brings to mind more than 500 years of resistance and fight for our families and livelihoods.

Features of the Uma Mask
- Reminds and prevents you from touching your mouth and nostrils.
- Promotes awareness to maintain social distancing measures.
- Three layer design including an outer shell made of fine tight weave cotton, a fine mesh for filtering air, and inner mesh lining to facilitate easier breathing.
- Mask is reusable: must be washed with detergent and hot water every day it is in use (please do not leave home if you do not need to!).

100% Cotton Outer Shell
Polycotton Filter Middle Layer
Polyester Mesh Inner Lining

*Our newest black Uma Masks are constructed with a copper tri-glide clasp. Copper is an antibacterial metal. We are not responsible for any changes in the mask due to metal oxidization. 

How to Wear Your Uma Mask:
Keep in mind that our first batches of the Uma Mask have a different way of tying the knot at the back. Please watch the tutorial video to view how to tie the knot if you have our second version of the Uma Mask:

How to Care For Your Uma Mask:
- Wash after every use
- Machine or hand wash using hot water
- You may place it inside a wash bag so that the string doesn't tangle with the rest of your clothing!
- Uma Mask with copper clasp: make sure to dry your mask completely. Do not leave humid