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Turquoise Tagua Necklace

Turquoise Tagua Necklace

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Tagua is one of the most incredible sustainable materials out there. It only grows in one area in the world; in tropical climates spanning from Panama to Peru. Its ivory-like colour and consistency has earned its alternate name: vegetable ivory. Each seed grows in very large "sacks" that fall from the tree once it's mature. Before the use of modern plastics, tagua products were used and exported to the US and Europe in there form of buttons, dominos, chess, and dice. 

Each piece is individually cut, polished, dyed and strung together in the coastal regions of Ecuador. 

Each necklace comes with matching earrings.



 Tagua seed, cotton string



Length when hanging: 25 cm

*Adjustable necklace. Length can be made longer than 25cm.



Length: 3.5 cm

Width: 1 cm

*Each piece is handmade using natural materials. Dimensions may differ slightly