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Estrella Star Pendant

Estrella Star Pendant

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The Star of 8 Points (Estrella de 8 Puntas) is a symbol found all over Abya Yala and northern territories. In the Andes, it is a very old symbol that survived hundreds of years of colonization. Its use was both spiritual, and practical, as it was used to measure the arrival of equinoxes, the travel of stars and planets, and contains mathematical knowledge of the earth's shape and northern/southern hemispheres.

It also reminds us of the influence of the Sun and the Moon in our lives. It was used to strengthen character and to define personality.


950 Silver



Length: 3.5cm

Width: 2.5cm

 Chain length: 22 inch 


Through ARIU Art Jewelry Studio. Byron Ushiña highlights Ecuador’s rich culture and identity. Byron proudly showcases his indigenous roots (Imbaya and Kitu Kara) through his artwork. He studied accountancy but his profession and passion is that of jewelry designer and creator of magical sculptures and accessories.

He has won several jewellery competitions. He is also the creator of the ‘Ancestral Jewelry’ concept in collaboration with Ecuador’s Central Bank museum. His works showcase elegance and manual skill and he defines himself as passionate about all cultural expression around art and architecture.